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F. Ritter Shumway Award



The F. Ritter Shumway Award was donated by the Rochester Sail & Power Squadron in honor of its first commander, P/C/C F. Ritter Shumway, AP on the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the Rochester Sail & Power Squadron, 20 February 1988, and shall be awarded for distinguished service and contributions in the interest of safe boating. The trustees shall be the Executive Committee of the Rochester Sail & Power Squadron.


The Award Committee shall be the Commander, the Executive Officer, and the Squadron Education Officer.  The recipient(s) can be an individual, group, or organization recognized for sustained outstanding service and contribution in the interest of safe boating on a volunteer basis within the environs of the Rochester Sail & Power Squadron. The recipient(s) may be, but need not be, a member(s) of the Rochester Power Squadron.


The award shall be presented annually by the Commander of Rochester Sail & Power Squadron, provided that a recipient(s) has been selected.  The award is a large plaque containing small brass plates to engrave the name of the recipient and year of award. At present, the plaque is kept in the trophy room of the Rochester Yacht Club. The recipient(s) will receive a keeper plaque.



Recipients to date are:


P/C/C F. Ritter Shumway, AP 1988

P/C Webb L. Sheehy, AP 1989

P/C William J. Bennett, AP 1990

P/D/C Roy M. Thurston, SN 1992

P/C Warren P. Ganter, SN 1993

Robert J. Stevenson 1996

P/Lt/C Marie R. Gadzinski, P 2000

Chief William Mosgrober 2001

D/Lt/C Richard J. Williams, SN 2002

P/C Richard W. Wambach, SN 2003

Lt Kevin G. Parks, AP & Lt Rita A. Parks 2004

P/C Terrill Macauley, AP 2006

Lt/C Richard Hannan, AP & 1st Lt Linda Hannan, AP 2007

Lt/C Arthur L Cassidy, P 2008

P/D/C Gerald L. Zambroski, P & Lt Kathleen E. Zambroski 2009

P/C Linda Haas, P 2010

P/C Kenneth Mart, AP 2011

Genesee Yacht Club, 2012

P/C Stephen D. Heffron, SN 2013

Lt/C Jack Baker, S 2015

Lt/C Debra A. Heffron, S 2016

 Lt/C Frank Potter, JN 2017


(There were no presentations in 1991, 1994, 1995, 1997-99, 2005, 2014)




This award is designed to encourage individuals to participate in a cross section of squadron activities and develop camaraderie while competing among members to excel in each of the stated USPS purposes.


Criteria For Recipient Selection


1.  Candidate shall have advanced in grade, or passed an elective course, or taught in the Educational Department of the stated USPS,


2.  Performed a civic service in the name of the squadron of sufficient value to have been recommended for a merit mark


3.  Demonstrated friendship of a fraternal nature to encourage esprit de corps and a desire by others to continue as members of the squadron.



The sponsors of this award are D/Lt/C Michael Kelly, AP and P/C George Hill, 3rd, AP.



 Selection Committee:

Executive Officer, Chairman

Education Officer

Administrative Officer      


Past Recipients:

Lt Malcolm J. Picard, P – 1996

Lt/C Richard J. Williams, N – 1997

Lt Malcolm J. Picard, – 1998

P/C Terrill Macauley, AP – 1999

P/C Thomas A. Kingston, SN – 2000

Lt Kevin Parks, AP – 2001

P/Lt/C David S. Maddock, AP – 2002

P/C Carol L. Lamendola, JN – 2003

P/C Linda G. Haas, S – 2004

Lt Richard Hannan, P – 2005

1st Lt Robert J. Brown, AP – 2006

P/C Terrill Macauley, AP – 2007

P/C Richard Hibbs, SN – 2008

Lt Thomas P. Nicholas, JN – 2009

Lt Barbara Nicholas – 2011

Lt Donald B. Reaves, JN – 2012

P/C Terrill Macauley, AP – 2013

Lt/C Jack Howell, P & Lt/C Pat Howell, P – 2014

Lt/C Bill Towner, AP – 2015

P/C Richard E. Hibbs, SN – 2016

Carolyn Wolf, S – 2017

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